Jennifer Weatherhead Harrington

Vegetarian Hot Spots Around The World

  It’s world vegetarian day! I happen to be a vegetarian and have found so many fascinating and surprising spots around the world that have great vegetarian food. Here are

Incredible Socially Distant Destinations

***Remember: Even when travelling to socially distant destinations or smaller destinations, locals still live there and will interact with you in some way. Be responsible and ensure you have a

5 Reasons To Book Your Summer Vacation NOW

Now is the time to book your summer vacation! With the latest news from the CDC that fully vaccinated people are safe to travel, there is a new hope that

Cinco de Mayo: Bring The Festival Home

Cinco de Mayo At Home

Cinco de Mayo is one of those yearly celebrations that is just fun. The food, the drinks, the atmosphere are all built around celebrating Mexico. When it’s safe to do

Air Canada Travel Updates

Travel Updates: Air Canada Refunds + New CDC Rules

Finally we are starting to see some positive travel updates! With the latest news around the CDC saying it is safe for fully vaccinated travelers to travel domestically in America,

Travel Beauty: 5 Multi-Tasking Face Wipes

One thing always in our travel beauty carry-on? Face wipes. But not just any face wipe… we always look for wipes that have more than just one purpose. Ones that