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Pandemic travel: Where Will Canadians Travel in 2021?

Pandemic Travel: Where Will Canadians Travel in 2021?

With the vaccinations on the horizon, the future of pandemic travel may be looking up. Hopes of a more normal way of life once spring and summer comes around has Canadians ready to scratch that travel itch. That means it’s

5 Reasons To Book Your Summer Vacation NOW

Now is the time to book your summer vacation! With the latest news from the CDC that fully vaccinated people are safe to travel, there is a new hope that we will be on those planes very soon. And with

Travel Bubbles: How to travel during a pandemic

Travel Bubbles: A New Trend for Pandemic Travel

With most people looking for ways to somehow make travel plans during the pandemic (whether for now or for future travel), one trend is emerging as a front runner. Travel bubbles are gaining traction with travel agents, booking companies and

Pandemic Travel: 5 ways to organize your future trip

Pandemic Travel: 5 Ways to Organize Your Future Trip Now

Here’s the deal. Technically flights and hotels are up and running, accepting passengers and guests. And even though technically you can travel (governments say to avoid “non-essential travel”, but it’s not against the law if you follow mandatory quarantine), should

5 Ways Planning A Trip Is Actually a Mood Booster

You know what’s better than actually being on vacation? Planning a vacation! So this is the perfect time to plan. Studies show that the anticipation, stimulation and organization of a trip can actually make you just as happy if not

Pandemic hotel stays: What you need to know

Pandemic Hotel Stays: What You Need to Know

We all know by now that travel has changed. Big time. And staying in a hotel, whether for a staycation or a full on vacation during pandemic travel, is not the same. Many large hotel chains have been making serious

Travel Prep From Home

We used to make packing lists before jetting off on a vacation. But now, we have a new travel prep checklist: everything you should have on hand for your next trip, from double checking your insurance costs and coverage, to

Revenge Travel: The Post-Pandemic Travel Boom

One of the many things we learned this past year was… how much we miss travel! And how much we need those vacations. With the vaccines rolling out, and spring and summer on the way, 2021 is all about making

Incredible Socially Distant Destinations

***Remember: Even when travelling to socially distant destinations or smaller destinations, locals still live there and will interact with you in some way. Be responsible and ensure you have a negative COVID test or the vaccine and follow all the

Your Pandemic Travel Checklist. Photo courtesy of

Your Pandemic Travel Checklist

Depending on where you are in the world–you may, or may not, be able to travel and get that vacation time in. Pandemic travel is either happening full-swing for some, or not at all. But whether you’re planning for a

Waxing Dos and Don'ts from a Pro

Waxing Dos and Don'ts from a Pro

Waxing dos and don’ts… always a hot topic! Waxing is a seasonless endeavour when you have a vacation planned. The…
Dream Vacations Series: Guadalajara

Dream Vacations Series: Guadalajara

DREAM VACATIONS: GUADALAJARA Don’t get me wrong. I definitely love Mexico City and any beach town in Mexico. But Guadalajara?…
5 Reasons To Book Your Summer Vacation NOW

5 Reasons To Book Your Summer Vacation NOW

Now is the time to book your summer vacation! With the latest news from the CDC that fully vaccinated people…