Post-Pandemic Travel: European Countries Opening VERY Soon 

Post-Pandemic Travel: European Countries Opening VERY Soon 

These European countries are itching to get tourists back--and have opening plans that are happening sooner than you think. 

Post-pandemic travel: European countries opening now

Post-pandemic travel: European countries opening now. Photo courtesy of

***These openings are for travellers from specific countries deemed safe by individual European countries at this time. While it’s a positive step in the right direction, Canada and the US travellers may not be cleared at the time of reading this article. Double check before booking. Also remember that travel during a pandemic and post-pandemic travel comes with risks, even if fully vaccinated.

It was just a few weeks ago that the European Union announced it hoped to open countries to fully vaccinated tourists this summer. If that was enough to start a flurry of summer travel bookings (Hopper saw an increase in searches for European summer vacations), this list of countries who plan on re-opening very, very soon might get you packing your bags. So which will be on your post-pandemic travel list?

Post-Pandemic Travel List: FRANCE

France was one European country that struggled with the virus early on. Vaccinations are happening and infection rates dropping. That means France is pushing out a big campaign to lure tourists back for post-pandemic travel. France was the world’s top travel destination in 2019. Watch out for some good flight deals, hotel deals, country-side socially-distanced trips and marketing plans in the coming weeks.

Post-Pandemic Travel List: GREECE

Greece expects to announce that they are opening borders to everyone, without a quarantine by May 14th. Gasp. A true summer vacation in Greece could be a possibility? Visiting Athens, Mykonos and the islands could be way more than just a dream.

Post-Pandemic Travel List: ITALY

Who doesn’t want to go back to Italy? The fact that it was the epicentre for the virus broke every pasta-loving, gelato-craving heart around the world. And it created a yearning to visit this ever-popular destination again. Italy plans to open by mid-May with “visitors who can show that they are negative, vaccinated or immune,” according to their Prime Minister Mario Draghi.

Post-Pandemic Travel List: SPAIN

Spain has plans to open up again in June with a new tool online to help travellers navigate their plans and what they need to know before arriving. “The aim of this interactive tool is to help travellers and travel professionals organize their trips to Spain with up-to-date information regarding restrictions related to COVID-19, such as PCR tests, quarantines, regional border closures, mobility restrictions, restaurant capacity and other tourist services,” officials said. You can find the information at

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