Tips For Making Travel In Europe Easier

Tips For Making Travel In Europe Easier

A few ways you can make your next vacation to Europe a little bit easier, save on costs and see more.

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→ Book your flight in advance… to get the best deals start booking now for later summer travel and even fall travel. 45-50 days before travelling is the sweet spot to snag a deal.


→ Use a hotel booking site that earns you free nights and has great last minute deals like where after 10 nights, you get one free.


→ Gone are the days when you book your hotel stay months in advance. In fact, booking right at the last minute can save you lots of money, as often the later it gets, the cheaper it gets!


→ Consider renting a car and driving! It can help save costs, and you get to see more of the countries you visit. If you can rent a standard versus a manual you will also save on costs.


→ Pack only a carry-on. This will save you time and money when it comes to your flights, but it will also make it easier if you’re visiting multiple cities or countries on your European trip.


→ Use an app to help you with language barriers, but learn key phrases before you head out on your vacation.


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