Pandemic Cocktails: Take A Trip to The Tropics, With Drinks! 

Pandemic Cocktails: Take A Trip to The Tropics, With Drinks! 

Missing your usual winter beach vacation? Same here! But these pandemic cocktails from sunny destinations will help ease the winter blues.

Pandemic cocktails

Pandemic cocktails

Passing this winter away without a beach vacation may seem hard. But a few tropical cocktails may help! Jenn has some sunny destinations we’re dreaming of with some great pandemic cocktails that will warm you up until you can get there.

Pandemic cocktails: The Paloma

Pandemic cocktails: The Paloma

Town of Tequila: The Paloma

Did you know there is actually a town called Tequila and it’s where all the world’s Tequila is made? It’s kind of a magical place! It’s just outside of Guadalajara in the Mexican state of Jalisco. You can even take a tequila train to get to the town from Guadalajara and visit the Jose Cuervo distillery, wander through agave fields and have lots of tequila tastings. Instead of just a regular margarita, we’re making a Paloma… invented in the town of Tequila, it’s super refreshing!

Pandemic Cocktails: How to make a Paloma

Grapefruit is in season, so I like to make mine with freshly squeezed grapefruit juice (you can use store bought if needed, or use grapefruit soda). Use 2 ounces.
Add in some club soda if you’re not using grapefruit soda. Use 1.5 ounces.
Mix in a one ounce shot of good tequila (opt for one light in colour).
Follow with some simple syrup if you’re using fresh grapefruit juice and some fresh slices of grapefruit.

Pandemic cocktails: Mardi Gras Bellini

Pandemic cocktails: Mardi Gras Bellini

New Orleans: The Mango Mardi Gras Bellini

New Orleans is one of those warm destinations that is truly unique and not like any other place in the States. The food is incredible, the music is amazing and of course, they love to party and love some good cocktails.  Mardi Gras may have been subdued this year, but you can still find ways to celebrate with this great take on a bellini using Canadian-made Iceberg vodka.

Pandemic Cocktails: How to make a Mango Mardis Gras Bellini

Place 2 oz of mango puree into a champagne flute or wine glass.⁠ Add 1.5 oz of Iceberg vodka.⁠ Top with sparkling wine.⁠ Garnish with fresh sprigs of thyme.

Coconut Mojito

Pandemic cocktails: Coconut Mojito. Photo courtesy of Matachia Resorts.

Belize: The Coconut Mojito

Belize is one of those perfect tropical destinations. Not too busy with tourists, some of the prettiest beaches around, great inland or jungle experiences and everything just goes at a slower pace. And this Coconut Mojito from the Matachica Resort & Spa is a delicious way to feel like you’re there.

Pandemic Cocktails: How to make the Belizean Coconut Mojito

Mix ¼ ounce of lime juice, 2 ounces of coconut rum, 1 ounce of coconut cream together in a tall glass. Top with some ice and soda water. Garnish with coconut slices, lime and fresh mint.

Pandemic cocktails: The Port and Tonic

Pandemic cocktails: The Port and Tonic

Portugal: A Port and Tonic

You’ve heard of a gin and tonic? Well, this is a Portuguese twist, a Port and Tonic. My last trip before the travel lockdown was to Porto in Portugal, and the first time I had a Port and Tonic. So this drink takes me right back to the valley where port is made, and it’s a fun way to try a spirit you may not have tried before. Make sure to do this with white port.

Pandemic Cocktails: How to make a Port and Tonic

Mix equal parts of white port (white port isn’t aged as long, so it’s lighter in colour and flavour, but still quite sweet) and gin (regular gin is fine, or you can splurge on some fancy gin options). Add in a spring of rosemary (rub between your hands first) and a slice of orange.

The Dark 'n Stormy

Pandemic cocktails: The Dark ‘n Stormy

Bermuda: A Dark ‘n Stormy

So many Caribbean island tourism boards have videos available on their website or on their social media to help you recreate cocktails or even food from that destination. If we can’t be on the beach drinking those frosty drinks, we can bring the drinks to us! Each island usually has its own traditional drink–Bermuda’s Dark n Stormy which I have here, is super easy to make.

Pandemic Cocktails: How to make a Dark n Stormy

Fill a tall glass up with lots of ice. Add in 1-2 ounces of Goslings dark rum (you want a dark rum to get that contrast of colours). Top the glass with ginger beer and a splash of lime juice and garnish with a lime wedge.

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