Easy Ways to Stay Healthy While Travelling

Easy Ways to Stay Healthy While Travelling

Travel can take a toll on your immune system, sleep and overall energy levels. Here are some easy ways we keep on top of our health while travelling.

Perfect for keep your stomach in check… Gravol Ginger Tablets.

Protect your stomach naturally

One item that is forever in our carry-ons and most other bags is Gravol. You never know when an upset stomach might hit you or when motion sickness could suddenly set in. So Gravol has long been part of our mini-medical/health kit while travelling. What’s even better is Gravol Ginger Tablets are non-drowsy! Made from organic ginger, with a dose that is effective for a slew of travel woes: upset stomachs, nausea digestive issues, lack of appetite, and indigestion to name a few. A lot of uncomfortable situations can happen on vacation, but Gravol Ginger Tablets help get you back on track. 

Beauty sleep made easy with Vol Prive’s eye mask.

Give your eyes a break

Lack of sleep, different time zones and different air quality conditions can make your eyes strained, tired and dry. Two ways we always keep our eyes in check: A good eye mask for better rests and eye drops to keep them hydrated.  We love the weighted eye mask from Vol Prive… not only does it cover the entire eye area blocking out all light to give your eyes a break, but the weight of the eye mask soothes and feels like a spa mask, creating a more Zen-like feeling for you to relax and rest. Keeping your eyes hydrated is also a key element in eye health while travelling. So we’re never without eye drops to provide long-lasting hydration for your eyes. 

Get a better sleep

Being in a new time zone, a new hotel room and new environments can throw your sleeping schedule off track… and less sleep and a tired, run down immune system can equal a greater chance of getting sick while you’re on vacation and no one wants that. One trick we always use is to keep a routine… a skin care ritual before bed, and using a sleep noise app or meditation app nightly (whether you’re on vacation or not), provides a sense of comfort and normalcy and can help your body ease into sleep. 

Track your fitness with a FitBit Versa 2.

Stay on top of your fitness

One thing a lot of people do when they travel is throw any and all fitness related goals out the window (you’re on vacation, so why not take a break, right?). We’re all for taking a break, but staying at least a bit active will help your metabolism, decrease jetlag and help prevent a flu or cold that could happen. It can also help you get a better sleep if you are more active on your vacations. If you’re looking for an all-in-one app to keep up-to-date on your fitness goals, steps and sleep, the new Fitbit Versa 2 has all that built into one watch, so it’s easy to keep track. 

Keep your skin in check

Maintaining your skin routine can also be tricky on the road, but it can make all the difference in how you feel and how you look. We keep a hydrating mist on hand and a soothing serum so we don’t have to stress about our skin.