Jennifer Weatherhead Harrington

Avoid These Packing Mistakes

Canadian Travel Updates & What You Need To Know

It’s happening! Borders are opening up, restrictions are lifting and we’ve all been itching to finally get a vacation in. Here’s what you need to know for Canadian travel updates

Travel-themed picnic

Plan the Perfect Travel-Themed Picnic

This summer it’s all about keeping it simple–meaning, you probably won’t be flying off to Paris or Rome, but rather taking a day trip to your local or nearby park.

Road trips: Start Planning Now!

Road Trips: Start Planning Now!  

When it comes to planning road trips there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure it goes smoothly. Especially as we ease out of pandemic mode,

Meet Jennifer Weatherhead Harrington, On-Air Travel Expert and Journalist

Meet Jennifer Weatherhead Harrington

GET TO KNOW JENNIFER WEATHERHEAD HARRINGTON Catch her if you can! Jennifer Weatherhead Harrington is an on-air travel expert racking up air miles around the world for the past 12