Restaurant Review: Mehtaphor

Restaurant Review: Mehtaphor

This Indian-Asian fusion dishes up vegetarian options packed with flavour.


image courtesy Duane Street Hotel.

TS_Minted_White_WebThe Vibe: Urban chic – upscale but not over the top. You’ll love the dessert-cocktail bar, a regular cocktail bar, and one of our favourite features if dining with a group of friends — an aged, thick wooden communal table, where sharing dishes and conversation is easy.

The Facts: Mehtaphor’s casually chic home is in the Duane Street Hotel in the heart of Tribeca. Mumbai-born head chef Jehangir Mehta (a runner up in the search for The Next Iron Chef in 2009) is known for his Asian-influenced dishes with a spicy kick, and his flavours prevail in this cozy restaurant.

The Experience: Mehtaphor offers up many different ways to indulge … serve up dishes family-style and sample a bit of everything (what we opted to do), or dig into 5, 7 or 9 course meals (all ending with dessert and some dishes not on the menu prepared specially by the chef). And added bonus? A full vegetarian menu (although we’re not veggie only all the time, we love mixing in meat-free meals while travelling to get our vegetable quota in). and as soon as we saw a vegetarian menu we jumped at the chance to test out the meat-free dishes. Jehangir’s rich cultural background means he brings in inspiration for his dishes from Ayurveda, Asian ingredients and exotic spices — and the combination is exciting, adventurous and delicious. The best way to describe the food? Bold flavours (thanks to loads of spices and herbs with a flavour punch) with an Asian influence, served up in chic fashion.


Start With: Vegetable dumpling chaat
These were one of the highlights of the meal – you would have never guessed that you were eating veggie only dumplings (they tasted so much like regular Japanese pan-fried dumplings). Super filling, but not greasy or too heavy, they also came topped with a crispy chickpea flour crumble that made it extra special. FYI, you could easily order just this dish for one and make it a meal.

Entree With: Indian street burgers, garlic fries and chipotle mayonnaise
These burgers pack a hearty and spicy punch – filled with beans, potatoes and loads of herbs they were the perfect way to indulge in a burger minus the red meat and fat.

Finish With: Orange nutmeg mandeleines
Small enough to satisfy a sweet tooth without going over the top in indulgence, these little cakes were the perfect ending to our vegetarian meal (the soft nutmeg flavor also the perfect contrast the Indian spices in our main dishes as well).

Table to Book: If you’re with a group of friends, book yourself a communal table so sharing is super easy and fun. Date night? Book a candle-lit table for two by the window.

Getting There: Getting into Tribeca via the subway it the best option. Either use the A or C trains and exit at the Chambers St. Station (it will be 3 blocks north on Cruch Street). Or  the 1,  2  and 3 trains also exit the Chambers St. Station (walk 1 block north on Duane Street then 1 block east).

Insider Tip: Their most popular cocktail by far is the icy cool lychee martini, served with crushed ice and topped with a splash of sparkling wine.

Where to Find:
130 Duane St, Tribeca (in the Duane Street Hotel)
New York, NY 10013