Travel Essentials: Must-Pack Vitamins

Travel Essentials: Must-Pack Vitamins

The last thing you want to have happen while vacation is getting sick. Stay on top of your healthy travel by packing these immune boosting vitamins.


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1. Vitamin D

The sunshine vitamin is not only essential during the bitter winter months, it’s also a good vitamin to take even when travelling to hotter destinations. It’s also a great immune booster and can help settle your nerves (if flying and travelling make you anxious).

2. Vitamin C

The go-to immune boosting vitamin has to be vitamin C. A healthy dose of this might be needed if your fruit and vegetable intake is curbed while travelling (we’ve all been there when fish ‘n chips looks so much better than a salad). It’s also great to take at the first signs of a sniffle, sore throat or body aches to help ease away any colds or flu. With so many options on the market (from Emergen-C to Airborne), or you can go the natural route and pick up some at your health food store in capsule form.

3. Magnesium

Magnesium is great to have on hand while travelling — it helps relax the nervous system (which can help with anxiousness and help with sleeping), plus it also naturally helps with bowel movements without the side effects of a constipation pill (a plus when you’re in a new country, testing out new foods).

4. Vitamin B12

This handy vitamin is excellent for travel because it helps boost energy. That long over night flight you got zero sleep on? It’s not an issue when you have some vitamin B to give you a boost (even if you have a major business meeting that morning).

5. Multi-Vitamin

Make sure to keep up with your usual daily multi-vitamin while travelling. Keeping your body on track as much as possible will help ease any stomach and bowel issues, keep your head clear, help with jet lag and make sure you’re not missing anything essential as you embark on a new food tour.

6. Acidophilus

Long name, but it will work wonders. These healthy bacteria will keep your stomach and gut happy while eating and drinking new things — and help prevent bad bacteria from attacking your digestive system.

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