Travel Guide: Cooking Schools Around The World

Travel Guide: Cooking Schools Around The World

Test out your cooking skills while you travel the globe with these amazing food cities and cooking schools.

best food cities and cooking classes

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Food often expresses a culture, it brings together families, friends, and communities. Cooking is a full sensory experience that connects us to one another, and one of the best aspects of travel is trying diverse scrumptious dishes from all around the world. And the best travel memories usually revolve around that great elusive meal, in an equally amazing locale. Many of us even try to recreate these travel dishes once we land back home post-vacation, but wouldn’t it be great to rebuild those same dishes and it taste the way we remember them? Cooking classes when travelling are a fantastic way to learn about a culture, and the food customs and traditions that are connected to the country’s roots. Think about making the most perfect pastries in France, the ultimate ceviche in Peru, or finally get your red curry recipe down in Thailand. Whether you have time for a week, or a half day course, the flexibility of cooking classes are the perfect match for any self-proclaimed foodie while travelling. Learn to cook from the locals on your next trip and it’s a delicious win-win scenario. Bon appétit!

Marrakesh, Morocco

The vibrant ambiance of Marrakesh is widely connected to its rich history, and flavoursome culinary experience. The colourful red, purple, and orange tones found throughout Marrakesh adds to its exotic reputation and is mired in the richness of traditional Moroccan food, and the unique cuisine is directly linked to its Berber culture. When you think Moroccan you have to think spice. Spice is that key element that heightens any Moroccan dish (not just in a heat idea of spice, but in flavour and complexity), the quality of spices correlates to a sensory overload in the most enjoyable way. This makes Faim d’Epices, which translates to “hunger for spices”, the place to discover Moroccan food. Just a 20-minute drive from Marrakesh, Faim d’Epices is an ideal atmosphere to learn the best Moroccan culinary techniques. Devour traditional flavours like cumin, ginger, and cinnamon, and let your senses come alive. And soon you’ll be a pro at recreating your own tagines. The upbeat and fun feel that Faim d’Epices creates will leave you wanting more, so don’t miss out!

Where to Find:
Faim d’Epices
Douar Old Ali Ben Aich, Saada
Marrakesh 40000 Morocco

Paris, France

It’s no surprise that Paris, France makes this list. Anyone who has been to France can pin point at least a few meals that were life-changing. The truth is, you literally can eat your way through France (especially if you don’t count any calories). The details and fresh ingredients are all a part of what makes French cuisine so incredible and unforgettable. Want to learn how to make Coq au Vin or a fluffy Quiche Lorraine? Book yourself in at the critically acclaimed Le Cordon Bleu. Established in 1895, Le Cordon Bleu’s esteemed reputation is unparalleled to none. Even famed chef Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking, was showcased in the 2009 film Julie & Julia with Le Cordon Bleu as the notable backdrop. Some of the greatest chef’s in the world were educated at this illustrious school and if you want to learn from the best in the business, then this choice is highly recommended.

Where to Find:
Le Cordon Bleu
8 Rue Léon Delhomme, 75015 Paris

Lima, Peru

The history generated within Peruvian culture spans thousands of years, with influences from Incas and the Spaniards. This South American country is filled with ancient customs that are rooted in its multi-ethnic influences, which is highly represented in its eclectic cuisine. And while most travellers head to see the stunning ruins of Machu Picchu, they leave with a new-found love of Peruvian food (in fact Peru’s cuisine is now regarded in high standards around the world). From mainstream choices like quinoa and ceviche, Peruvian cuisine is the perfect combination of rustic and modern and SkyKitchen is the perfect place to learn traditional dishes. Located in the Miraflores district in Lima, Skykitchen is a reputable cooking school that will not disappoint. The best part? You get to sip on local favourite, Pisco Sour drinks while pan-searing alpaca.

Where to Find:
Enrique Palacios 470, Door Nr. 701/709 Miraflores

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Located in northern Thailand, Chiang Mai is a unique city, filled with charm, beautiful landscape, and in all seriousness, some of the best food you can find. Thailand is world-renowned for its flavourful cuisine, from mouth watering green curry, to crowd favourite Pad Thai, the options for delectable dishes are endless. Asia Scenic Thai Cooking School is a great option to learn northern Thai cooking. Just a few minutes away from Tha Pae Gate, Asia Scenic gives an impressive cooking experience from beginning to end. This includes picking up ingredients at the local market, and learning about herbs in Thai cuisine from the schools garden. The laid back homey ambiance (you’ll be lounging on huge cushions on the floor while learning the basics of your red curry paste) creates a relaxing educational experience that is heightened by its friendly and helpful staff.

Where to Find:
Asia Scenic Thai Cooking School
Rachadamneon Rd. Soi 5 Muang, Chiang Mai

Kerala, India

Bright colours and aromatic flavours are obvious connections to Indian cuisine. With a population of 1.2 billion people, the choices of indigenous dishes in India are substantial, and the state of Kerala supports this notion, since it’s filled with enticing cuisine options. Influenced by its southern Indian geography, Kerala dishes are vast with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. The laid back environment, paired with a gorgeous waterfront villa, makes Philipkutty’s Farm an attractive option to study Kerala cuisine. The charming farm backdrop at Philipkutty’s Farm, alongside the Kerala backwaters, is the perfect setting to observe Kerala culture and indulge in delightful dishes. This intimate family run cooking school, is an ideal institution to partake in Keralite culture and local cuisine.

Where to Find:
Philipkutty’s Farm
Pallivathukal, Ambika Market P.O, Vechoor, Kottayam District, Kerala

San Miguel, Mexico

Mexican food has become a North American staple, its popularity is evident in its mass production. But there’s nothing quite like traditional Mexican cuisine on its native soil. The complexity of spices and local ingredients, are the fundamentals to the savory quality of Mexican meals. Located in central Mexico, San Miguel’s appeal lies in the beauty of its architecture, history, and tasty dishes. Learning the traditions and culinary techniques at Marilau’s Mexican Ancestry Cooking School, will elevate your appreciation and knowledge of this wonderful cuisine and takes you beyonds chips and guac and tacos. Based in beautiful San Miguel Allende, the cozy mood Marilau creates is exceptional. Conventional dishes from salsa, to tamales in corn husks are explored, essentially meals that were taught and passed down through the generations. The authentic and family inspired tone at this cooking school is extraordinary, so fill up on the guacamole and make the most of this experience.

Where to Find:
Marilau’s Mexican Ancestry Cooking School
Calle de La Luz # 12, Colonia San Antonio San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato

Tuscany, Italy

Italian food is one of the most recognizable and popular cuisines in the world, mouth watering pasta, cheese, and wine, all add to its substantial reputation. The specialty of certain dishes are regional, and Tuscany is often hailed for the simplicity of its food which relies on fresh ingredients, rather than heavy sauces. Commonly referred to as “cucina povera” which translates to “peasant cooking”, this aspect relates to the homemade fresh ingredients that are infused in Tuscan cuisine, with no waste to spare. Celebrated as the origin of European Renaissance, Tuscany is filled with charming landscape and a rich history. Located in a picturesque setting of a seventeenth-century stone villa situated in Cortona, Tuscan Culinary is an excellent establishment to study authentic Tuscan cooking. Plunge into the delicious and hearty Tuscan flavours and become a pro at making handmade pastas, soups and meat dishes.

Where to Find:
Tuscan Culinary
San Egidio, Cortona

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