Weekend Getaway Mistakes (And Best Tips!)

Weekend Getaway Mistakes (And Best Tips!)

Before you jet off on your next weekend adventure, make sure you follow these tips! Plus avoid the biggest weekend getaway mistakes.

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Weekend getaways are the perfect solution for a bigger group getaway – whether that’s with friends or family. It’s just the right amount of time without getting tired of people. It’s also a good way to test out a destination because you get a snippet of it, or to go to a destination that you’ve been too before and want to get to know a bit better.

Weekend Getaway Tips:

#1. Everyone is looking for a deal these days when it comes to travel. Flying standby used to be the sure bet to do something fast, and super last minute with a sense of adventure (where should you go?!). But planes are so crammed full these days that showing up at an airport sans ticket is not a reality anymore. Instead, set up price watches on apps like Hopper. Set up a few different destinations you’d like to go to, and watch the fares before nabbing a great deal.

#2. Ideally, the best times to book according to Cheap Air are 105 to 21 days in advance of your actual trip. 54 days is the magic number if you can swing it!

#3. Pre-purchase attractions to save money (something like Viator, or CityPass) to save money and time because you can often bypass the long lines.

#4. When it’s just a few days there’s no excuse for not doing carry-on only! My biggest tip is to invest in a great piece of luggage, save the baggage fees, and pack light by rolling your items (try ironing your clothes and rolling on a flat service to get it extra, extra tight in your suitcase).

#5. On a typical week, Saturday is one of the best days to travel because you’ll be avoiding the business commuters… lower fares and hotel deals can be had!

#6. Pick destinations that are off-season for great prices. For example, Arizona is expectedly very hot in the summer months, but you can nab a weekend at the Four Seasons for around $150 per night, which is a steal. Flights are also cheaper because it’s not as popular during this time. Also look at other hot destinations like Mexico if you can handle the heat!

#7. For those last-minute trips, apps like Hoteltonight and Hotels.com offer amazing options to book the night of, or the day before.

Weekend Getaway Mistakes:

Not booking your hotel in the centre of the action: Even if it is a bit cheaper, it’s not worth being outside the city of your choice when you have to pay for all that commuting, not to mention the time it will take travelling back and forth!

Not knowing your neighbourhoods: Pick one and stick to it. For example, don’t try to hit up Williamsburg in Brooklyn AND the Upper West side all in one weekend. The travel time between the two will mean less time doing what you really want to do. And there’s something special about sticking to one area and truly getting to know it over a few days.

Booking a flight with a connection: You’re just increasing your chances of a delay, if you have checked your bags you’re increasing your chances of it going missing and it’s eating into your vacation time.

Not being prepared: Map out your destination, hotel locations, sights you want to see, restaurants you want to visit, opening and closing hours BEFORE you even get on the plane. That way you won’t be at breakfast wondering what to do next. Tripcase is a great app for housing all your reservations in one spot so you can stick to a schedule. Same goes for outfit planning… if you know your spots to visit and eat, you can plan accordingly and not spend hours trying on multiple outfits!

See Jennifer Weatherhead Harrington share her best weekend getaway tips on CTV’s Your Morning below!

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