5 Minutes With Designer Todd Snyder

5 Minutes With Designer Todd Snyder

We chat with designer Todd Snyder about his favourite travel memories, must-haves, how to travel like a gentleman, and his latest collaboration with Timex.

Todd Snyder, photo by Matthew Brookes.

What was your first travel memory? Where did you go? How old were you?

My first travel memory is flying to Aspen Colorado when I was in high school.  Its was my first trip outside the state of Iowa.  I loved it and I was hooked.  Today I love to travel and meet interesting people… I love food and I appreciate trying new things.

How did travel have an impact on your life growing up?

I only traveled once I started my career in NY as a designer.  Travel helps me center my thoughts and gives me a source of inspiration. I have been to Japan at least 30 times and Europe 20 times. I have been to Toronto over 50 times… it’s where we make  all of our knits.

Part of Snyder’s collection for Timex.

Tell us about your collaboration with Timex… how did that transpire? What has been the most exciting part of working with Timex?

It’s a dream come true.  I have loved Timex since I was a kid.  They only let me inside the archive… nobody outside the company is allowed. (Check out Todd Snyder’s Timex designs here).

Your designs are so much about craftmanship and quality… why is that important to you?

Authenticity is key.  I want someone to feel like what they buy is an investment and they can wear it for years to come.  I don’t like designing fads.

How would you describe the modern gentleman? How does the modern gentleman travel?

The modern gentleman is someone who has evolved into a tastemaker.  He travels with confidence, knows where to go and looks good while doing it.

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You live in NYC… what is it about NYC that you think draws people to it?

I have traveled all over the world and seen some incredible places but I have to say nothing is cooler than NYC.  The mix of people and style is really hard to get anywhere else.

Can you describe NYC in three words?

Really friggin’ cool

Fave spot to people watch in NYC?

Subway… the best place to see the latest trends

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Can you remember the first time a destination had a real impact on your designs?

Every fall season hands down is London, they mix tailored and street style better than anyone.

Where are your favourite places to relax in North America?

Iowa.  It centers me.  Love seeing my family.

What are the most inspiring destinations in the world for you?

Tokyo, London, Vancouver, NYC.

What spot in the world really surprised you?

Lisbon… was totally blown away how cool it was.  The food is amazing!

What is your ultimate dream destination and why?

Mauritius, would love to go.

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How adventurous are you when it comes to trying new foods while travelling? What is the most unique thing you’ve tried?

It’s my favorite thing to do.  Sea Urchin in Japan… was good.

What are your travel essentials that you never leave home without?

Sportscoat… its great for storing things and you never know if you will have a meeting.  Music is a must!!

What would you say your travel mantra is?

Sleep well and often.  Its what saves me with all the travel that I do.

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