5 Reasons to Visit Cuba Now

5 Reasons to Visit Cuba Now

With new regulations between the United States and Cuba, we look at why you need to visit this hot destination before the influx of tourists hit the island.

PHotography by Kamira/Shutterstock.com

Photography by Kamira/Shutterstock.com

While it’s been a tricky destination for any American to visit over the past few decades, Cuba has long been a favourite for Canadians seeking sun, sand and surf (especially during those infamous Polar Vortex days). Canadians get their much-needed dose of vitamin D at all-inclusives and take in the old-world charm of Havana at the same time. Now, with the creation of a new deal that will allow more freedom in travel between the United States and Cuba, the island’s tourism is primed for a boom. Here’s why you need to get to Cuba now:

1. Get There Before The Masses Do
One reason why Canadians have long favoured this tropical destination is because it’s not typically been as busy as other Caribbean destinations (think of the insanity that is spring break on most other islands). Cuba still gets its fair share of tourists, but numbers are expected to soar, translating to busier beaches, towns and hotels.

2. See the Old World
A lot of experts are speculating that the changes in the relationship between the United States and Cuba will create a stronger American influence on the island. (The lack of Americanization has been both a selling point and a drawback for tourists.) The oppression was always in the spotlight, causing a lot of people to feel uncomfortable, but other tourists really enjoyed the old- world charm and feel of the island. While the changes might take some time and not be too dramatic, travel pros say if you love the so-called Cuban charm, now is the best time to capture it.

3. Low Costs May Start to Disappear
As more and more tourists flock to Cuba, experts are anticipating that the general cost of vacationing on the island of Cuba will increase. And since one of the main reasons why Cuba has been a hotspot for Canadians is the relatively inexpensive cost, save yourself some cash by vacationing there sooner rather than later.

4. Get There Before the Big Chains Do
As businesses are allowed to move into Cuba from America, you can bet that there will eventually be more big chains appearing (think hotels, food and entertainment). Experience the pre-Americanized Cuba vibe before the changes happen by booking yourself a unique hotel on the island.

5. Because it’s Cuba!
It’s been a longtime Canadian favourite for a reason. Aside from its uniqueness amongst the Caribbean islands and the differences it may have had with the United States, Cuba has been loved for its incredible beaches, waters, historical sights (both inside Havana and archeological wonders and ruins outside the city), the food (many will say it’s best off the resorts) and the Cuban people. No matter what the travel future holds for the island, it’s truly a gem that Canadians have known and cherished for decades.

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