5 Ways to Save on Last-Minute Long Weekend Getaways

5 Ways to Save on Last-Minute Long Weekend Getaways

When you’re in need of that last-minute, get-out-of-the-city trip, it can be expensive. Follow these tips and it’ll save you time and money. So get packing!

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If you’ve waited until the last minute to book that long weekend vacation, you may  be thinking you’re totally outta luck when it comes to getting decent price. There are still ways to ensure you’re getting the best deal! Just follow some of these tips and you’ll be ready for that last-min flight or road trip in no time (except the time it takes to pack).


Use Hotel Apps

We swear by hotel apps these days. Not only does it make booking easy while on the go (or let’s face it, while you’re in a boring work meeting), but they can offer some great deals too. Hotels.com’s app often offers even better pricing that it does on their site, and an even bigger bonus, the more last-minute you are the better the delas can be. So you be you, procrastinator, because you just nabbed an incredible price at a super luxe hotel for this weekend.


Change Up Your Fly Dates

If you have any flex days on hand, or lieu days, a last-minute long weekend trip is a great time to bust them out and use them. It can also help with your flight situation and getting a better deal. Flying out on a Wednesday or Thursday evening (depending on your flex day situation) can help save on flight costs because most people will be flying on Friday/Monday on a long weekend. Another great option is to book the first flight (no matter how bleary eyed you are at 5am) on Friday or Saturday. That early call time means less people fill the seats and you have a better chance at a good price.


Book On These Days

If you’re looking early in the week to snag a good deal for the weekend, according to Travel and Leisure, it’s good to note that airlines often discount flights on Sundays and Tuesdays for travel dates later that same week. This would be the key time to look for last minute deal when it comes to flying out of town.


The Car Rental Situation

If your last-min getaway looks more like a road trip than a flight anywhere, think about your car rental situation. If you’re in a major city, most rental car spots will be jammed on a long weekend and may not even have cars available. To better your chances (and even get a better rate), look to a rental spot in the suburbs, or just outside a major city area and commute there. You’ll likely get a better car and a better deal (smaller rental places or ones that aren’t as busy look to discounts to move cars off their lot for the weekend).


Use Your Rewards

It’s time to treat yourself! This could be a great time to use some of your travel rewards. Think beyond your credit card rewards and airline rewards, and go to your typical booking sites. If you’re a “member” of some, they give discounts for frequent use/bookings. Hotels.com for examples offers a free night after you book 10 nights. Check out all your accounts to see if you have any rewards you can claim (and don’t forget to check your newsletters from these accounts, because they also offer last minute discount codes). You’ll be relaxing by the beach or a hotel rooftop pool in no time.

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