What Not to Wear On Your Next Trip

These days pretty much anything goes (wardrobe-wise) in North America. But not every country follows the same laissez faire fashion attitude — whether that’s because of cultural, religious or social reasons. Dress codes aren’t always obvious and what’s considered acceptable

3 Airplane Looks for 3 Different Trips

We totally get it. It can be a challenge to figure out what to wear on the airplane, especially if you’re on an overnight flight, are heading to a hot destination from a cold destination, or trying to pack lightly

5 Can’t-Miss Shops in Beverly Hills

1. Kyle by Alene Too Why We Love It: A culmination of the best brands under one roof. Think chic Beverly Hills sweatsuits, cute t-shirts, and a great selection of denim. There is also an awesome jewellery selection and vintage

5 New Ways to Wear Your Scarf

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Scarves are an absolute travel must! No matter what the destination scarves provide the perfect cover-up, added warmth and keep you cozy while on a plane — we are never without

Style Investment: The Leather Jacket

The leather jacket has to be the perennial fall staple. Dress it up or down, get it biker- or bomber-style, black, brown or grey leather … it’s one fashion item that will never go out of style and that makes

Buy on Sale Now, Wear on Vacation Later

  In case you haven’t noticed fall is already hitting store shelves virtually and literally. While we can’t wait to start shopping for new boots and cozy sweaters, we’re also already thinking about future beach getaways. Since this is the

Travel Essential: 10 Classic Black Blazers

Whether you have an overnight business trip or a weekend shopping trip planned, a black blazer is always your friend. A perfect layering piece for chilly air conditioned places — like the airplane or a restaurant — it will instantly

Dream Vacations Series: Portugal

Dream Vacations Series: Portugal

Our Dream Vacations Series is all about planning for those future dream trips. Travelling during a pandemic is hard right…
Incredible Socially Distant Destinations

Incredible Socially Distant Destinations

***Remember: Even when travelling to socially distant destinations or smaller destinations, locals still live there and will interact with you…
The Best Coffee Places in the World

The Best Coffee Places in the World

Sure you can get an average cup of coffee anywhere, but the best coffee you’ve ever had? That’s harder to…