Packing Tips

road trip essentials

Road Trip and Travel Essentials

WHY IS RIGHT NOW A GREAT TIME TO TRAVEL? This time of year is what we call shoulder season–it’s right after the peak summer travel season, and before holiday season, so it’s less busy, and you can really get some

Weekend travel essentials

Summer Weekend Travel Essentials 

Stock up on weekend travel essentials  Need some summer weekend travel essentials for your vacation plans? Aeroplan’s Storewide Super Sale will get you set! Aeroplan Members can save 20% in points on more than 1,000 products via the Aeroplan eStore. I

Packing Mistakes To Avoid

The 6 Biggest Packing Mistakes

Have you tried packing light or just a carry-on only to get frustrated and then pack a giant suitcase? We’ve all been there! Even me, until I learned of these packing mistakes I was making. When it comes to packing

10 ways to save space: Packing tips

Packing Tips: 10 Tips To Pack Like A Pro

Questions I always get asked… what are our best packing tips? How many shoes do you take when you travel? How on earth do you only travel with a carry-on? What toiletries do I really need? What do you always

Packing Cubes: The Secret to Carry-on Only Packing

We always thought we were killing it in the carry-on only packing department. That is, until we discovered PACKING CUBES. These handy little fabric cubes with zippers make it so much easier to fit in more items (try tightly rolling

Packing Tips: 5 Ways to Save Space

With the cost of checked bags, not to mention the chance that your bags may get lost or delayed, we’re all about packing lighter and in carry-on only. The problem usually is narrowing down our items so that we can

Packing Essentials: The Puffer Jacket

Say hello to one of our all-time favourite packing essentials! The puffer jacket. It’s so versatile, easy to pack (and you know we’re big fans of double-duty, carry-on only items) and truly the ultimate layering piece for destinations that are

8 Hacks For Packing Just a Carry-On

With those baggage fees continually rising, it’s never been a better time to downsize your packing! Here are 8 ways to get everything you need into one carry-on.

WOW-Worthy Gifts! 

WOW-Worthy Gifts! 

Gifts related to travel are sure to be welcomed with open arms. And we can’t wait to give some of…
The Scottsdale Holiday Escape You Need Right Now 

The Scottsdale Holiday Escape You Need Right Now 

I just returned from a pre-holiday escape, soaking up some sun and relaxation in Scottsdale, Arizona! I stayed at the…
Wanderlust Gift Guide: 2022

Wanderlust Gift Guide: 2022

The perfect gifts for every type of traveller! We’ve rounded up the ultimate wanderlust gift guide. So you can give…