Top 5 Reasons to Carry-On Your Luggage

Top 5 Reasons to Carry-On Your Luggage

The more you travel the more you’ll see, carry-on is the only way to go.


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Nearly every single traveller has, at some point, had an issue with their luggage while travelling. Lost luggage, damaged suitcases, delays, or just the simple hassle of lugging your items around with you on trains, city streets and stuffing them into taxis. And let’s not forget today’s biggest complaint about checked bags – the new costs associated with it. In case we haven’t convinced you just yet—here are five reasons you should consider only packing a carry-on suitcase for your next trip (no matter how long it is!).

1. Time Well Saved

Ever notice how long it takes to actually get your bag checked and tagged, and then how long it takes to get your bag once you land in your destination? We’ve spent far too many hours patiently (or, rather, impatiently) waiting for our bag to pop out on that carousel or in line to drop it off. Imagine this: Showing up at the airport with just your carry-on, getting your ticket (if you haven’t already pre-checked in), scooting through security, and then when you land heading straight out to your taxi. You can easily save 30 minutes to an hour on your journey, just by avoiding a checked bag.

2. Money Saved

More and more airlines are now charging to check your bag – not just for over weight issues, but in general. Most airlines start the cost at $25 each way (assuming you’re not over their weight restrictions), so you could potentially save at least $50 on your round trip journey (that’s a good chunk of cash for extra lattes, taxis or a fancy cocktail). FYI, always check your airline for weight restrictions on carry-on bags, so you don’t get dinged with over weight fees there, too.

3. No Lost Bags or Delays

Ever wonder why business travellers always go with just a carry-on? Because they can’t afford to have their business attire lost in the airport shuffle. One major bonus to carry-on is that all your items are with you at all times. So no need to fret over your valuables, extra security checks, or potential delays with your luggage.

4. You’ll Pack Only What You Need

If you’re a notorious over packer (we’ve all been there), learning how to pack only carry-on will help train you into taking only what you actually need. You will be amazed at how good you can become at editing your travel wardrobe once you try it out a few times and realize how little you really need to pack.

5. You’ll Only Buy What You Really Want/Need While Travelling

Normally, we wouldn’t say no to shopping, but bringing just a carry-on has taught us some valuable travel purchase lessons. Since you’re limited on space with just a carry-on, you won’t be buying as much to bring back. That means unless you’re totally in love with that Alexander McQueen sweater, or those Lanvin flats, they just won’t fit. It’s saved us loads of space in our wardrobes for what really matters to us, and given our credit cards a break.

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