Travel Essentials: 6 Things You Should Never Travel Without

Travel Essentials: 6 Things You Should Never Travel Without

No matter where your travels take you, these small medical items are always in need, for everyday use to mini emergencies.

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Have you ever been on vacation or a business trip and suddenly you have a painful blister, indigestion or you just feel off? There’s nothing worse than not feeling up to snuff when you’re not at home. These few travel essentials will help ensure your trip goes smoothly — no matter where you’re travelling.

1. Travel Essentials: Allergy Medicine

Even if you’re not prone to allergic reactions or you don’t have any know allergies, carrying antihistamines such as Benadryl (or another medication recommended by your doctor) should be a must. You never know when, where or even what could cause you to break out in a rash, hives or spots, so it’s always good to have on hand as a precaution. It can also save time and money if you have an unexpected reaction (no one ever wants to head to a doctor or hospital in a foreign country).

2. Travel Essentials: A Mini First Aide Kit

For minor cuts, scrapes and bumps, a mini first aide kit takes up little to no room but has just about everything you will need. Band aides come in handy for even small things, like blisters from walking around all day, Polysporin for minor cuts and scrapes, gauze, hydrogen peroxide to disinfect and pain relief.

3. Travel Essentials: Vaseline

Whether you’re in a hot climate or a frigid one, a tiny travel sized Vaseline comes in handy in so many ways. It can protect lips from dry winds and the cold, keep cuticles and hands moisturized and can provide a barrier on small cuts.

4. Travel Essentials: Motion sickness remedies

So many things can make your stomach suddenly feel slightly off. A bumpy cab ride, a boat trip to snorkel along a reef, even a turbulent flight can give you that motion sickness feeling. The problem is, it can strike when you least expect it — even for those who usually don’t get motion sickness. Taken four hours before an activity is the safest bet, but those prone to motion sickness often take one each night while travelling to ensure that queasy feeling gets curbed.

5. Travel Essentials: Antacids

So many issues with travelling come down to new foods, different spices or cooking techniques. Most of the time it won’t be too bad, but for those occasions when heartburn, indigestion and a slightly upset stomach happen, a simple antacid will usually do the trick.

6. Travel Essentials: Anti diarrhea/constipation medication

One of the biggest issues travellers have when in a foreign country has to be bathroom issues — and there’s nothing more uncomfortable or frustrating. They can completely throw off your trip or vacation and in bad cases can leave you stuck in a hotel room, or worse, visiting a hospital. Packing a few tablets to help ease diarrhea or constipation can keep your body happy until you get back home, and prevent any embarrassing moments.

* Always check with your doctor before taking any medications.

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