Travel Prep From Home

Travel Prep From Home

Before we can all get back to vacations and travelling, now is the time to make sure you have everything in order at home.

Travel Prep From Home
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We used to make packing lists before jetting off on a vacation. But now, we have a new travel prep checklist: everything you should have on hand for your next trip, from double checking your insurance costs and coverage, to documents you should always have on hand/copies of, tricks for keeping your information handy and safe. So you’re fully prepared in case you get stuck in a tricky situation.

Travel Prep Checklist: Before you book your next trip 

This is the perfect time to get all your travel essentials in order. One thing the pandemic showed us was that you need to be prepared for ANYTHING. So before you think of going out of state, province or country make sure you have this travel prep checklist prepped.

Travel Prep Checklist: Check in on your insurance

Most travel insurance will not cover COVID-related travel issues now that it is a known risk. But read all the fine print on your insurance, know exactly what you ARE covered for so you can be prepared. 

Travel Prep Checklist: Start a travel emergency fund

One thing the pandemic caused was a lot of confusion about how to get back home when you needed to. And since insurance will be tricky going forward, you want to make sure you have an emergency fund, just in case things go wrong again. Look to at least be able to cover a few extra nights of a hotel, or a last-minute flight. 

Travel Prep Checklist: Double up on your copies

Make sure you have copies of your passport, ID, health information, policy numbers for insurance, embassy addresses in countries you plan on visiting in the future. Always have a couple of these copies with you and saved in multiple places as travel prep, just in case an emergency happens. Also make sure you have key contact names, policy numbers, etc. saved on your phone, computer for easy access. 

Travel Prep Checklist: Read all the fine print

On everything you book going forward. Whether that’s a flight, hotel stay, a cruise or a rental. Covid has brought about new regulations and rules and you don’t want to get stuck if you need to cancel. 

Travel Prep Checklist: Read up on your destination

Many destinations may still have some restrictions when you arrive. Read their tourism websites to know all the details, because you don’t want to show up and find out that there is a quarantine of some kind. Also read up on what travel prep they require you to have before entering (a negative COVID test, for example).

Travel Prep Checklist: Be packed and ready to go

We all had our favourite on-plane accessories before, but now we need a few extra things. Make sure you have gloves, masks for where it is necessary, sanitizer, disinfectant, etc all packed up. Get everything in mini or travel sized to make it easier.  I actually have multiple sets ready to go for a plane ride, car ride or train, and one for my bag so I am always prepared. Also have your medical kit topped too just in case you do come down with something while travelling. 

Travel Prep Checklist: Plan, plan, plan!

This is the best time to do research on your dream destination. You may not be going there tomorrow, but now is the best time to do the research and plan out your ultimate trip. Start building out that Pinterest Board with ideas, start saving, and start dreaming. 

Travel Prep From Home: How To Create A Covid-Travel Checklist