Travel Tips: Spa Don’ts

Travel Tips: Spa Don’ts

What not to do on your next spa day that will make your next trip even better.

Image courtesy Santorini Princess.

Image courtesy Santorini Princess.

The spa is one of the best places to unwind, relax and ease away stress. And there’s no doubt about it, it’s one of the top activities people do while travelling – especially when you’re looking for an escape from everyday life and work. But if you’ve ever left a spa feeling like you’ve missed out on something, or not completely rejuvenated you may have unknowingly committed one of these spa don’ts that can equal an uncomfortable experience. Read on to make sure you get the most out of your experience (and help make the experience the best for others too).

Don’t …

1. Disrespect Nudity Levels

Yes spas are a place to feel completely comfortable, and there’s no need to feel shy about changing in the locker rooms, but do remember that not everyone is fully comfortable or at ease with complete nudity, especially in North America. When in common areas, try to be discrete. That’s not to say you have to feel you need to be covered at all times, but just be mindful of others, and still keep things hygienic. When spa-ing outside of North America, don’t be surprised to see more nudity and people who are fully comfortable with various states of undress. Just go with the flow – know that nudity isn’t as big of a deal in other parts of the world so there’s no need to feel shy, but if you do, it’s totally fine to also keep a towel at hand.

2. Be Afraid to Speak Up

One of the biggest complaints people have during a spa visit is that they didn’t receive what they needed or wanted. Whether that be from a massage or a facial or anything in between, you need to communicate your needs and wants to your therapist – don’t worry about their reactions, they also want to make sure you get the most out of your treatment. Don’t hesitate to even speak up in the middle to a treatment if you’re feeling uncomfortable. You’re paying the money for the service and you should be able to receive your ultimate goal (whether that’s relaxation or getting a stubborn knot out of your back).

3. Shave, Wax or Laser Before

Any kind of hair removal should be done well in advance of your spa treatment. The hair follicles and skin are extra sensitive post-hair removal meaning that exfoliating treatments, facials, masks and even massages and oils can irritate your skin. If you do feel any burning or tingling be sure to let your therapist know.

4. Get Too Much Sun

When you’re in a tropical destination it’s easy to forget how much sun you’re actually getting – even with sunscreen on. Then we step into a spa looking for a great body treatment or facial with our skin already on high alert, or even worse, with a bit of a sunburn. That can make your treatment incredibly uncomfortable and leave you with red, irritated and sensitive skin – start your vacation off with a spa treatment before you get ample sun to make sure get the best of both worlds.

5. Shower or Steam After a Treatment

Save your shower, steam or sauna for before your treatment. For one thing it will help open your pores and prep your skin for your treatment, and skipping it post spa session means you allow your skin to absorb all those essential oils, lotions and creams, and facial serums that will leave you glowing.

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