Dream Vacations Series: Sardinia

Dream Vacations Series: Sardinia

Next up in our Dream Vacations Series… Sardinia. Guaranteed to put you in a relaxed, Italian state of mind, this island is a paradise.

Dream Vacations: Sardinia

Dream Vacations: Sardinia

Our Dream Vacations Series is all about planning for those future dream trips. Travelling during a pandemic is hard right now, but planning can be the perfect pick-me-up. It’s proven to make you happier to just plan a trip. And planning dream vacations? How could that not make you happy? Each destination mentioned has all the elements for making a dream vacation come true–amazing food, incredible cities, small towns, spots to relax, and opportunities to really embrace and dive into local culture. So, start planning, start dreaming and be ready for those dream vacations when it’s safe to do so!

Dream Vacations: Sardinia

Dream Vacations: Sardinia


With travel being on hold for so many people right now, planning your next vacation is your best bet. And, if I’m being honest, I’m often in an Italian frame of mind (it’s pretty easy!), and that’s inspiring me to map out some more dream vacations! There’s a reason why everyone loves to vacation in Italy and why it’s part of our Dream Vacations Series. It’s simply amazing. The food (hello, pasta, pizza and gelato), the landscape, the history and the people. Every part of Italy is special in its own way.

But I’m here to tell you that Sardinia should be included in your dream vacations list. Why? Check out all the reasons below. Whether you spend a whole vacation on the island, or add it to your Italian itinerary, Sardinia is pure magic.

Dream Vacations: Olbia, Sardinia

Dream Vacations: Olbia, Sardinia


→ Rome, Venice, Florence–all amazing Italian cities, but they are so popular that it can feel a bit overrun. Sardinia, at the right time of year (not during summer months), is not as busy as the mainland. Beaches are less crowded, cities are busy but not shoulder-to-shoulder and small towns and villages are often just full with locals. Just make sure you go during the right time of year–summer months make Sardinia the ideal Italian vacation spot, so it is crowded then. Fall, winter, and spring still have great weather–but less tourists.

→ Sardinia is a large island that’s just as close to Africa by distance than it is to Italy, and Sardinians love to distinguish themselves as Sardinians first, Italians second.

→ Sardinia is one of only five “Blue Zones” in the world–where people often live to 100 years of age or more. In 2020, it tied with Okinawa in Japan for having the most centenarians in the world. I’m guessing the views, beaches, food and wine have something to do with that!

sandy beaches, Sardinia

Beautiful beaches in Sardinia


→ The coastline has some of the prettiest beaches in Europe–they have over 200 beaches, in fact! The water comes in every shade of blue imaginable, it’s clear and warm and a lot of the time, the beaches are secluded (perfect as a socially distant destination). And beautiful beaches are always on my dream vacations list.

→ If beaches aren’t your thing, Sardinia also has some of the biggest sand dunes in Europe to explore.

Dream Vacations: Sardinia

Dream Vacations: Sardinia


→ You might run into more sheep than people on your vacation. There are approximately 2 sheep for every person who lives on the island…that’s almost 3 million sheep!


→ The cities and towns go from being jam-packed (Caligiari is diverse, multicultural, and has a vibrant nightlife), making it great for dream vacations. While smaller cities like Olbia are perfect for a slower pace, and teeny tiny towns will have you sleeping in old mansions, turned into B&Bs.

Incredible food inSardinia

Incredible food in Sardinia


→ Sardinans LOVE seafood, especially octopus… if this is your thing you’ll be in heaven! Non-seafood lovers will be happy with local pastas, stuffed ravioli (filled with potato and cheese), and incredible olive oil.

→ Oh, and the local Casu Marzu cheese is definitely an adventure… it contains live maggots! Try it if you dare!


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