Road Trips: Start Planning Now!  

Road Trips: Start Planning Now!  

Take advantage of the amazing summer weather with an epic road trip this year. All it takes is a bit of extra planning. 

Road trips: Start Planning Now!

Road trips: Start Planning Now!

When it comes to planning road trips there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure it goes smoothly. Especially as we ease out of pandemic mode, and get back into travel.


Since road trips are a definite trend as we ease into a post-pandemic travel world, so many more people are on the roads this year. Keeping things safe is key, but did you know it can also be fun? It is thanks to this handy new safety app.

You may be familiar with Onlia – a digital home and auto insurance provider that is all about safety. This summer, they’re taking road trips to a whole new level with their telematics app Onlia Sense™.

Onlia Sense is a safe-driving app that coaches drivers and provides rewards like gift cards and cashback for safe behaviour on the road. The app is available to all Canadians, not just Onlia policy holders (bonus!). You can even invite friends and family members to group leaderboards to see who’s really the best driver – and compete to see who can earn more rewards, faster. With new challenges each month, it’s easy to keep the competition going. Another bonus – they’re adding fun new playlists all summer long, so you’ll have endless tunes to enjoy while you drive. Sign me up!

Be ready to sanitize 

I used these Clorox Disinfecting wipes before the pandemic for my travels because they’re so easy to carry around. Clorox On-The-Go Disinfecting Wipes are convenient and perfect for cleaning and disinfecting multi-surfaces while you are on the go.  These disinfecting wipes are bleach-free and kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. And this little pouch is perfect to keep in cars, purses, at work and even when you travel, making them perfect for your road trips.


I know we are all anxiously waiting for that border with the US to open, but when it does we will see an influx of travel between the two countries. And one of the safest and easiest ways to get there is with a road trip. And since we’re close to these spots, we can start planning now to make sure you have your rental car booked/RV booked, hotels secured or campsites set up too.

North Carolina

I think North Carolina is perfect for pretty much any type of traveller. You have an incredible Gin scene there if you want a spirits-based road trip (the Durham Distillery is amazing). They have incredible BBQ for all the meat lovers (in October, Lexington has a Barbecue Festival), and of course golf courses that are some of the best in the world.


Also an easy drive to get to, Maryland is one of those States that is really up-and-coming. Make sure you take time to visit the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Scenic Byway, the Great Chesapeake Bay Loop, and for seafood lovers you have to have the crab!

New Hampshire

Again, an easy drive to plan for in the future, New Hampshire is scenically beautiful, especially in the fall. You can do ziplining, hiking, water activities. It’s a great active vacation for families. But for all those beer lovers–this is the spot for you! Take a look at their NH Beer Trail.


For a quick road trip that will have you feeling like you’re in the south of France, head to Terre Bleu–Ontario’s largest lavender farm near Halton Hills outside of Toronto. The Farm opens July 1st for the season and tickets need to be pre-booked online. They have so much to do with over 200 acres of scenic area to explore. The main farm has a shop filled with lavender products grown on property, there is an ice cream where you can sample their famous lavender ice cream and you can visit their herb bar, apiary, equestrian ring and stroll through a 100 year old cedar forest. This is also home to the famous Yellow Door- which is nestled in the lavender field- walk through and leave your worries behind you. You can also join their ‘Beyond the Yellow Door Membership’ for unlimited visits and access for you and a guest throughout the season.