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Park Picnic: Plan a Perfect French or Italian Style Picnic

This summer it’s all about keeping it simple–meaning, you probably won’t be flying off to Paris or Rome, but rather taking a day trip to your local park. That doesn’t mean you can’t feel like you’re in France or Italy

stel+mar: Meet The Founders Of The Hip New Wine Company

Tell us a little bit about stel+mar and how you got started… stel+mar was founded in 2019 by Toronto natives Chris Noll and Justin Dumitrescu. They named the Company after their kids (Chris’s daughter Stella and Justin’s son Marcus) who

Cinco de Mayo: How To Bring The Festival Home

Just because you can’t be celebrating Cinco de Mayo in Mexico right now, doesn’t mean you can’t bring the flavours of Mexico (especially tequila!) to your home! It’s a great time to plan out a new trip to Mexico with

Travel Cocktails: Boozy Bevvies From Around The World

Oh, what I wouldn’t give to be physically transported to one of these destinations right now! While we all wait it out to hop on a plane and travel again, I’m making the most of my cocktail making adventures I’ve

Post-Vacation Detox

It’s easy to let healthy eating habits go out the window when you’re on vacation. You’re not on your usual schedule. There are temptations available to you at every turn (mid-day cocktails? why, of course!). And chances are you’re not

The World’s New Foodie Destinations

Food is a huge part of why people travel. People diet before and after just so they can let go and enjoy foods in different places. And I’m the same! I literally build my travel days around when and where

Dream Vacations Series: Portugal

Dream Vacations Series: Portugal

Our Dream Vacations Series is all about planning for those future dream trips. Travelling during a pandemic is hard right…
Incredible Socially Distant Destinations

Incredible Socially Distant Destinations

***Remember: Even when travelling to socially distant destinations or smaller destinations, locals still live there and will interact with you…
The Best Coffee Places in the World

The Best Coffee Places in the World

Sure you can get an average cup of coffee anywhere, but the best coffee you’ve ever had? That’s harder to…